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Photos by Johnny Quiroz
Edinburg, Texas

This new, 36,000 s.f. baseball stadium was developed as a joint use facility for a double expansion minor league baseball team and the University of Texas at Pan American baseball team. The City of Edinburg also intended it to serve as an entertainment venue beyond competitive baseball. As sole owner of the facility, the City of Edinburg provided the financial structure to develop this facility. The city then leases specific use of the facility to both the minor league team and the university.

Situated on the northern boundary of the University of Texas at Pan American campus, the stadium was planned to coincide with future development of the university as it expands around and beyond the stadium. Additionally, the two governmental entities entered into inter-local agreements designed to facilitate use of the university’s surrounding parking lots for use of any stadium events.

The program for the Edinburg baseball stadium called for approx. 4000 seats, ten luxury sky-boxes, a press box, and 50% box seats and 50% aluminum-backed seating. Also included were concession structures, toilet facilities, a business office for UTPA year round occupancy, a large portable stage and its storage for outfield location.

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