NEGRETE & KOLAR ARCHITECTs llp believes that exceptional quality in building design is best achieved by applying equal effort to all phases of a project, from initial programming to final completion.

Our services, including design quality control, cost control, and construction administration, receive as much attention as the aesthetics of each design.

This holistic approach to project delivery has resulted in an exceptional record of successful projects that respond to the needs of the client and users with beauty, functionality, durability, affordability, and timeliness.


NEGRETE & KOLAR llp has worked with a full spectrum of project types, from low-income housing to private custom residences, from municipal buildings to high-security government facilities, and from downtown office buildings to town recreational parks.

These projects range in size from very modest buildings, renovations and additions to large-scale developments.

At our two design offices, we concentrate on projects that demonstrate social consciousness and represent our values and interests.

One of the primary focuses at our office is responding to community needs with time-tested, integrated, and durable building methods applied to regionally and environmentally sensitive designs in South and Central Texas.

Many of our clients have been municipalities, school districts and agencies for social services in central and south Texas.


With over twenty years of practice, NEGRETE & KOLAR llp has served the needs of its current clients, while maintaining affiliations and commitments to previous clients

NEGRETE & KOLAR llp provides architectural services to public and private clients. In public projects, we work with all levels of government from municipal to federal, and with all levels of education from primary school to universities and beyond.