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Presidio, Texas

Just west of Big Bend National Park on the U.S/Mexico border is Presidio, a small city of 7,400 inhabitants. Lacking in many amenities enjoyed by other cities of similar size, the City of Presidio secured grants from Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Texas Office of Rural Community Affairs for the construction of a recreation center to serve various segments of the community.

A full size gymnasium provides indoor recreation space for all citizens with an emphasis on the youth of the community. A special clubroom for teens is included, as is a study room with computer access.

A multipurpose hall is available for social functions and civic group meetings, though it’s principal function is to house meals for older residents.  These visitors are provided other spaces in the facility, such as rooms for television and arts & crafts.  During the summer, these visitors are expected to stay several hours a day, safe from the searing local temperatures.

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