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Edinburg, Texas

The new 71,930 square foot Anne L. Magee Elementary School comprises two building structures: one for academics and the other for physical education.  Both structures are concrete masonry with brick veneer walls and metal-framed, manufactured weather-resistant metal roofing with numerous skylights, clerestories, and a central atrium: a cost-effective, durable and stylistic school construction type for south Texas.

The 62,720 square foot four-wing academic building includes administrative offices, 30 classrooms, a music room, a library, a media center and a cafeteria.  The school accom­modates grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade for 682 students. The cafeteria can seat 250 students for dining and 300 people for event audiences.  The facility can also serve as an emergency shelter for area residents in the event of a weather emergency.  The 9,210 square foot physical education building is a separate structure that doubles as an area community center.

Services provided include full architectural, planning & engineering services, including district-wide school-type programming, assistance with site selection and evaluation, comprehensive master-planning, site planning, isolated bus and personal vehicular parking and roadway design, building design & separate gymnasium structure  and structured personnel and building shade canopies and shading devices.

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