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Austin, Texas

The City of Austin sought architectural services for the west Austin development of the Travis County Water Treatment Plant #4, for an administration building, maintenance building, and thirteen process structure buildings, based on plans and spatial requirements provided by a municipal water treatment engineering firm. The project is pursuing LEED silver certification for the administration and maintenance buildings.

Additional architectural services include digital modeling and conceptual renderings that integrated aesthetic and limited environmental impact requirements, particularly, that the treatment plan be sensitively integrated into the landscape. For this reason, the plant buildings will be distributed sparsely about the site, allowing preservation of vegetation and existing karst features. The limited impact also includes using traditional, regional materials and construction, such as local limestone and concrete masonry, on buildings visible from nearby roadway and neighborhood view corridors, as well as designing buildings with appropriate scale and massing. Simple roofing forms are designed to attain a cohesive, low-profile monumentality and assist with rainwater collection to economize water consumption. The inclusion of ornamental facade detailing aims to preserve consistent appearance within the community.

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