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Austin, Texas

Austin's Plaza Saltillo was inaugurated by a visiting delegation from the City of Saltillo, Mexico, for which it was named. The City of Saltillo also generously donated traditional, ornate benches for the Plaza. Inspired by the popular plazas of Mexican cities and towns, the design includes a bandstand and an arcade for sidewalk vendors. This urban plaza celebrates Austin’s Hispanic community and provides a geographic center for the community’s many celebrations, such as Cinco de Mayo and Dieciseis de Septiembre. The project consists of an open plaza with an arcade containing retail booths, a band kiosk, bus stop and accommodations, fountain, arbor, and covered waiting areas for future steam train and light rail stops.

The plaza also required the integration of perimeter street and utility improvements undertaken by the City of Austin with a civil engineering consultant, as well as improvements undertaken by the Railroad Company. One local consultant was Austin's landscape design firm Kinney and Associates. The architect coordinated the three improvements and the plaza's careful execution was successfully accomplished.

The Saltillo Plaza is one of the early "Transit Oriented Developments" in central Austin, designed for Capital Metro's new Metrorail system. It is an important element in the growing city's urban transformation that seeks to accommodate neighborhood connectiveness and provide healthy, public environments.

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