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Austin, Texas

This project was the first in the State of Texas to utilize design-build bridging as a construction delivery system. Design work through project definition included all necessary drawings and outline specification, setting out in detail design concepts and requirements for completion by a second party under the control of the selected Contractor. The architect produced contract documents to be utilized by the parties involved in producing Construction Documents.

The 80,000 sq. ft. ACC Eastview Campus project consists of new classrooms, computer labs, science labs, a learning resource center, bookstore, child development center, workforce development center, culinary arts center, and a student lounge in an integrated design of three buildings outlining a central commons area. The child development center, as a separate facility, was undertaken as a fast track design/build construction process, with negotiations for changes to the project definition coordinated between the architect and the design/builder’s architect & engineering team.

Full architectural services were provided, including Programming, Architectural Design, Campus Master Planning, Design / Build Project Definition, Site Development, Full Site Design, and Const. Phase Representation Services.

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